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Wed 03 February 2021

These devices

If you ever dare to open up one of those shiny devices of yours, you will quickly realize that there is far more manual labour involved in putting them together than you would originally think of such a wondrous thing made of of metal, plastic and glass. It sits before you as if it was never apart, as if it was cast in one swift movement of an autonomous robot, standing in a white clean room on its own. But once you had to claw you fingernails or a credit card into the side of a device like that, to open its backside, or after you maybe even turned two or three (or fifteen) little screws to lift another layer, you can see more and more of the steps a human hand had to perform to put it together. One quickly realizes - There is crooked duct tape holding my ereader’s internals together, there are random dabs of glue fixing the display onto my smartphone and somebody had to plug my laptop’s WIFI card onto that mainboard manually. read more